Ekiti United Players Cry Out Over Unpaid Salaries and Mismanagement



Ekiti United players are facing a dire situation as they continue to struggle with unpaid salaries and alleged mismanagement of club funds. The players, who wished to remain anonymous, have spoken out about their extreme hardship and frustration.

According to the players, they are owed salaries for several months, including March, April, and in some cases, February. Additionally, they claim to be still awaiting payment for last year’s June payroll. The situation has become unbearable, with players struggling to make ends meet.

The players accuse the club’s secretary, Deji Olowolafe, of mismanaging the club’s funds and making excuses for the delay in payment. They claim that Olowolafe has been blaming the governor’s failure to release the club’s monthly subvention for the delay, but the players are not convinced.

“We are dying of hunger,” said one player. “We can’t keep going on like this. We need our salaries to survive.”

The players are calling for urgent action to address the issue and ensure their salaries are paid. They are also demanding transparency and accountability from the club’s management.

This situation highlights the challenges faced by many football clubs in Nigeria, where players often struggle with unpaid salaries and poor working conditions. It is a call to action for the relevant authorities to intervene and ensure that players are treated with dignity and respect.

As the situation continues to unfold, we can only hope for a swift resolution that prioritizes the welfare of the players.


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