Kaazi and Evolution Cup Unite to Propel Nigerian Football Talents onto the Global Stage



Cutting-edge technology meets thrilling competition in a groundbreaking partnership

Kaazi, the leading technology-driven platform dedicated to discovering, nurturing, and promoting emerging football talents, is excited to announce a strategic partnership with the prestigious Evolution Cup. The Evolution Cup, a renowned pre-season tournament uniting 12 nationwide League One (NLO) clubs and communities, stands as a vital platform for showcasing football talents across Nigeria.

Scheduled to take place between February 12-18, 2024, at the Remo Stadium in Ikenne, Ogun State, the Evolution Cup has gained significant recognition for its success in fostering the growth of football talents and providing exposure to international scouts in Nigeria. The tournament brings together promising players from various states in Nigeria, creating a thrilling week-long showcase of competitive football.

Kaazi, with its commitment to providing opportunities for rising stars, is eager to bring its technology and career tools to enhance the Evolution Cup experience. This collaboration aims to accelerate the exposure of participating players and propel their careers onto the global stage.

Nana Yaw Oppong-Mensah, CEO of Kaazi, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to see Kaazi join forces with the Evolution Cup, a trailblazing and growing football tournament. This collaboration signifies the expansion of new pathways for football talents in Africa.”

Through the utilization of Kaazi’s technology and career tools, Evolution Cup participants can access invaluable resources that will aid in their professional growth. The partnership aims to create a conducive environment for the development of football talents, fostering a sense of community and collaboration within the sports industry.

The Evolution Cup, with its commitment to showcasing excellence on and off the field, attracts scouts and FIFA licensed agents, providing participants with opportunities to elevate their careers. The collaboration between Kaazi and the Evolution Cup represents a shared vision for the future of football in Africa, where innovation and collaboration propel talents to new heights. Olatoye Olawale, Project Strategist of the Evolution Cup, also expressed his excitement about this great collaboration with Kaazi, stating that it’s a welcome development that would really help African players.

In his words, “This is really huge for the tournament, Kaazi has a large network, and we are like minds, which makes this collaboration an interesting one. Evolution Cup players and African players will benefit immensely in the nearest future. We are grateful to all Kaazi Family for their support and interest. We hope this will be a long-lasting working relationship, and we are determined to showcase and create positive awareness of this brand to all our active followers in the Nigeria Football sector.”

With expected participation from over 250 players, the Evolution Cup promises over 20 exhilarating football matches that will captivate the audience, including more than 1000 football fans. As the Evolution Cup continues to gain prominence, Kaazi looks forward to contributing to the tournament’s success and being an integral part of the journey for the next generation of Nigerian football stars.

About Kaazi:

Kaazi is a technology-driven platform and community dedicated to discovering, nurturing, and promoting emerging football talents. With a mission to provide opportunities for rising stars, Kaazi employs cutting-edge tools to accelerate the development of football careers. Learn more at [www.kaazi.live]

About Evolution Cup:

Evolution Cup is a pre-season tournament that unites 12 Nigerian Nationwide League One (NLO) clubs and communities in a thrilling week-long football showcase. Learn more at [www.Evolutioncup.com]


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