Hon. Bukola Olopade The Man Behind Modern Marathon Races In Nigeria, A Philanthropist Per Excellence


Meet one of Nigeria’s finest sports administrator, sports marketer and philanthropist; Bukola Olopade a man of the people.

He made the promise in Wednesday Night and by friday afternoon he has fulfilled his 200,000 naira pledge to Nigeria journalists.

There is no denying the fact that Bukola Olopade remains the best commissioner of sports that ever lived in Nigeria. This may not be far from the truth because his legacies are there and they will always speak for him.

Ozogula as he is fundly called by his admirers has broken all records that exists in sports and is looking good for the Guinness book of records.

A few years ago, a certain Mr Suleiman Baba Ali emerged from the blues to raise over 500m naira for team Nigeria’s participation at the Olympics. He did that successfully with fellow marketer, Nkechi Obi. That feet was celebrated and many still discuss it till date.

Those two, set a precedent for others to follow and one man has since dwarfed their records as Nigeria best sports marketer of all time. His name is Bukola Olopade.

Tipped as one of the best brains to come out of Egbaland, described by associates as the shinning light of Ogun state politics, this man has all the potentials of a good governor but he is bidding his time, knowing that there comes that moment, when the people will say, come and rule us.

Bukola Olopade has won races, he has fought battles and won in flying colours, he has weathered the storm of uncertainty and has come out unscathed. He has achieved where others failed

An icon, a colossal achiever, a brilliant administrator, a house builder and a man of many parts. Ozo has survived the most difficult situations and has emerged from the storm smiling and dancing

Hit by the corona virus, Bukola Olopade was gallant all through, he fought like a warrior and emerged from the hospital stronger than he went. As a patient, he showed other love on their hospital bed and left after three weeks with a promise to always offer his support.

He has returned several times to donate his little to help the sick and has set up a foundation to assist doctors and nurses who are the frontliners in this battle against the deadly corona virus pandemic ravaging the entire world.

Out of hospital, Ozo has not stopped giving, he has helped the sick, he has encouraged the weak, donated to charities and blessed the poor.

On Friday, Bukola Olopade decided to bless the Nigeria media as he donated the sum of 200,000 naira to Nigerian journalists on the popular Nigerha sports mouthpiece rebranded, a WhatsApp platform that has raised close to 5million naira in helping Nigerian journalists survive the harsh realities of the Corona virus pandemic.

Those who call him the king of marathon in Africa may not be wrong. This man who raised over 500m naira to help wheelchair basketball in Nigeria has thrived where others failed.

The Obudu Mountain race was the biggest marathon attraction in Nigeria at some point, but the present governor of the state, Ben Ayade has failed woefully in sustaining the legacies of his predecessor, bringing an end to the pride of Cross Rivers state.

Their loss, is Ozogula’s gain. He has single handedly revived the long distance races with over four international marathon events that have the stamp of the IAAF.

He has gone about his little achievements with humility. He hardly blows his trumpet, rather he sits to watch others shout. He is a trojan, a fighter and an achiever. He has won battles and he is poised for greater achievements.

Ozo was the first Nigerian sport administrator to resign when the ovation was loudest. He dumped the Nigeria National League over irreconcilable differences with the NFF. This was after he predicted that the league will never survive the tide that will come. Today the NNL is dead, waiting to be buried.

He is Bukola Olopade, the hope of South West and the friend of the depressed. He is the man we hope, will take our sport to the promised land.


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