Paragon To Educate Youth On Drugs & Substance Misuse In Sports


The Chairperson of Delta State Aupctre Youth Wing, Evelyn Paragon has urged athletes to abstain from abusing drugs.

Paragon stated this ahead of the seminar titled “Drug and Substance Misuse in Sports” which will be held on 16th September, 2023 at the Stephen Keshi Stadium in Asaba, Delta State.

Board member of Wheelchair Basketball Federation of Nigeria said prominent athletes have fought public battles with different types of substance abuse disorder.

The facilitator highlighted the need to expose these Athletes to the harmful substances they need to stay away from and the danger involved.

She said, “Addiction in sports affects both men and women and all ages, skill levels, and nationalities. Drug abuse in sports is a growing, ongoing problem in our society.

“While the stereotypical drug abuser may not seem like a high-profile athlete, drug use among athletes is common and has been the reason why some athletes have ended their career abruptly.

“When young people speak up on issues affecting the youth, it says a lot and goes a long way by being examples to these young athletes.

“It has been proven over time that it is possible to compete at the highest level clean and free of drugs and what is the best way to imbibe that idea by starting early in your sporting career”.

“This Seminar would open their eyes to harmful substances they need to stay away from, and become aware of the dangers involved if they choose to embrace such negative practice”, she added.

“They also have the opportunity to ask silent questions on issues relating to drug and substance use as there would be Experts present to answer all their questions”, she explained.

She continued, “I believe that after this seminar Team Delta will continue producing young athletes free of dope who compete clean as they have always done over the years”.


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