Police Brutality: Operative flog Enyimba’s Chukwude with horse whip, extort cash


Enyimba of Aba ace, Stephen Chukwude was a victim of Police brutality as he was beaten with a horse whip popularly known as ‘Koboko’, and was later extorted of some cash.

Chukwude posted on his official Twitter handle @alanzaki2004, “Nigeria @PoliceNG horrible always… I was flogged with koboko (horse whip) Wednesday afternoon in Aba and was asked to lay down in the hot sun for about an hour while I was driving trying to access Enyimba camp.

“They asked for ID card again which was provided but not satisfied, I was asked to sit on the floor with a lot of beaten.. in retaliating to their colleagues that were murdered by an unknown men…. which I wasn’t aware of because I was coming from the hospital.

“This is becoming too much and not funny anymore.”

The sad development is coming more than one month after men of the SARS harrased him and accused him for been a ‘Yahoo Boy’ internet fraudster for driving a Mercedes-Benz Formatic.


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