SGFC Athletics GM Olatoye Olawale Confident of Team’s Turnaround







SGFC Athletics General Manager Olatoye Olawale has expressed his calm demeanor despite the team’s poor start to the season.



Speaking to reporters, Olawale acknowledged the disappointing results but remains confident in the team’s ability to turn things around.


“We’re not panicking,” Olawale said. “We know we have a talented squad and we’re working hard to address our weaknesses. We’re confident that we can bounce back from this slow start and make a strong push for the rest of the season.”


Olawale’s optimism is a welcome boost for the team, which has struggled to find its footing in the early stages of the campaign. With a talented roster and a seasoned coaching staff, SGFC Athletics is poised to make a comeback and contend for top honors.


“We’re taking it one game at a time,” Olawale added. “We’re focused on our next match and we’re working hard to ensure that we come out on top.”



SGFC Athletics will file out on Sunday, against KFA in their fourth league game of the season with their sights set on getting their first win.


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